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There is a lot Tarot can do for a person. I have been reading Tarot personally since I was an early
teenager. The reason I started reading Tarot was because I met a very psychic woman through my
sister. My sister also got some Tarot cards and I was fascinated by them. I was actually way more
into the cards than she was. So much so that I had a dream about the cards and became from that
point on, obsessed! I would read for as many people as I could as well as myself. I got many books on
Tarot and practiced a lot.
There are many people doing readings everywhere, I have got many readings myself. Over time have
paid plenty to tarot readers for guidance. Truth be told there is only a very small minority who really
gave me what I felt I needed. There is a lot of misappropriation about the Tarot and how it is being
used. To me this is like driving a manual car and only using two out of five gears to drive it. Along
with this marketing strategies that support the same energy. These readers fall very short of the
mark and are great marketers and sales people but not real deal mystics.
The Tarot is like a book of truth. For one who engages with its essence, there will be a journey into
the shadow self without question. The shadow self is where insecurity and fear resides. Tarot is not
for a person who chooses to conform and submit. Tarot is for the rebel. A person who dares to
discover who they really are and their capabilities. When one uses Tarot with not only knowledge,
but also wisdom, then be assured, magic is at play, the impossible is made possible. A real deal Tarot
reader has gone deeply into their shadow self that is why they can read you and see so deeply in
places you don’t even know about yourself.
When you come across a good tarot reader you will get that “eye popping” “jaw dropping”
experience, your whole body will get tingles and those goose pimples will appear. Tarot is the book
of truth and “goose pimples” are that confirmation. It is always best to not say anything at all to your
reader and do as little talking as possible. This way you will get the most out of the reading that you
paid for.
Many readers I see cater for the famous three questions. My career, my love life, fame and riches.
This for me personally is not the essence of what I deliver as a tarot reader. It’s great to be curious
about your life but tarot is not a fortune telling tool as it is portrayed. Tarot is a book of destiny that
has no spine and allows its pages to rearrange giving you an objective story of your unconsciousness.
Tarot allows you to get in touch with you and begin to create your own reality based in the heart’s
desire. You can have love in the form of relationship and tarot will show you ways to make this
happen. You can have the ability to generate wealth as well plus do whatever you choose to do. The
three questions suggest fate is out of your hands, this is not true. Fate is in your hands always. I
recommend tapping in deeper to the power of tarot and going beyond these questions.
When I read a person’s Tarot it always has a flavour of abundance. There is always finance, love and
rather than career, TALENT. Talent is the key, what we are good at that others can go wow! Talent is
where the work is, enable the light of a person to shine. When one focuses inside eliminates
distraction and finds a relationship with themselves a talent is born. This is sustainable joy that arises
as one collapses in upon themselves and activates the bliss circuitry. This is how Tarot can work,
highlighting areas, where work can bring about a greater expression of being. Tarot I believe is a
powerful tool that can enlighten a person in very magical mysterious ways. Get to the core of who
you are with in touch tarot. Check out the service options including the 3 card quickie if you don’t
have the funds email me and we’ll work out something. In any case thanks for reading this blog big
love to you mwah!

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