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What is the path of shadow work all about? In order to gain an understanding on this, one has to
then ask what is the shadow? Many people have their idea on what the shadow is. Some
perspectives place a negative stigma around the shadow. This of course, creates a more
pronounced shadow. Why does this happen? The shadow is a product of our psyche, which is
overlooked and in many cases denied. The shadow is the part of us that we fear most. Due to the
fact that we fear this part of ourselves, we have then made a decision to not acknowledge it. This
condition has led to the creation of a society we find ourselves in today globally.
It does not matter if you live in the west or the east when it comes to shadow. One who defines
themselves as a shadow worker can feel everything no matter where it may exist. A shadow
worker who lives in Melbourne Australia feels the pain and suffering of those being persecuted in
Gaza. Time and space are of no consequence to a shadow worker. The suffering can also exist in
past time lines as well, wherever there is suffering a shadow worker will make themselves
present. Suffering to a shadow worker is not something to shirk away from, but to embrace in the
essence of love and compassion. Shadow workers are in essence alchemists of consciousness.
Shadow workers are not interested in desensitizing themselves. They have a passion to strip
away layers of perception coming from a place of distortion. This is not focused on those outside
them either. Shadow workers are much more focused in owning the reflection for themselves.
This may appear selfish but it this is not the case as we are dedicated to losing self-importance.
Before we came into the human experience we chose to incarnate through ancestry consciously.
All of the programming that exists in the gene code is our specialty; we are competent in being
able to recalibrate everything back to a natural status. What this means is that any beliefs around,
separation, loss or death are rendered inert. A shadow worker knows that there is infinite
possibility that exists through immortal (deathless) creation.
One of the most important aspects that a shadow worker focuses upon is that enslavement is the
unrefined state they are working with. This is the same as an analogy of turning lead into gold. A
shadow worker may not necessarily know they are a shadow worker and be caught up in the
stories of others. This also may be via karmic association. There will need to be certain catalytic
events that occur to bring a shadow worker into this realization. Once they have made this clear
who they are they can begin their work effectively. Some do things subtlety behind the scenes
and some place themselves in the spotlight. Their very performance may be seeded to share a
message that needs to be spread. Sometimes this message is a call out to other shadow workers
to wake up and acknowledge this fact.
I believe there are many shadow workers out there who do not know they are a “shadow
worker.” I have written this piece as best as I know how to inspire them out of the woodwork. A
shadow worker says, “I am passionate to seek out my darkness, because I know this is
potentiated light.” Shadow workers are passionate and are very connected to their emotional
feeling selves. Not everyone is a shadow worker either, this is ok, some are not equipped to deal
with trauma and thus transmute it. Some want to be in a bubble and be happy all the time,
disconnected from the suffering of others. These people may take drugs or use some other form
of method to induce a happy façade. Most shadow workers once fully realized choose to not be in
the company of people such as these. They find these types of personalities fake and have
compassion knowing that masks are in place, sometimes for a good reason that only divine
timing can have effect upon.
All shadow workers I have come across possess very unique skills. These skills are all service
based. Another name for a shadow worker is light bearer, not to be confused with light worker. A
light bearer often has fascinations with the areas that bring up insecurity. One of these areas is
death. Humans in their flesh embodiments are afraid of death and so create attachments based
around this fear. What does death represent? Loss is a huge component associated with death,
nothing of any physical nature can be taken once there is physical death of the flesh body. This
terrifies a human and therefore a consumer culture has been created around this very meme.

Light bearers are deep and so therefore can see underlying messages in almost anything. They
are always looking for hidden codes that reveal seeds of underlying intent. Other humans fear
shadow workers as well because they represent terror and fear. This is a confronting reflection.
We are drawn to these areas because they hold the greatest effect of controlling and
manipulating a human to believe a fictional story. Due to the fact a human being has been
hoodwinked they can then be sold ideas and products to further reinforce illusions. Light bearers
are committed to exposing these illusions due to the compassion and love they work with.
I believe this planet needs shadow workers right now. People with eyes open seeing the work in
front of them. It is an opportunity for something greater and an evolution in consciousness. The
reality a human exists in whilst in the flesh is still shared with others in the flesh, one in the flesh.
A shadow worker knows that if we are one in the flesh then we are one through our pain and
suffering as well, throughout space and time. This is a big lesson to be learned, as the first shall be
last and the last first. In order to experience a transcendence of this current mortal state a
complete unification must occur. There is another word in Tibetan for shadow worker called
Bodhisattva. We cannot allow ignorance on any level all must be illuminated, as all is one without
separation. If we all can support each other to perfect our alchemical process of consciousness a
job that seems large may be quite manageable.
May we be inspired to see that the shadow within is but an unpotentiated light of our divine
nature. We all have magic that lies within yet to be fully explored. Now it is a beast and that feeds
into the current slavery paradigm. Turning attention inwards allows for this beast to be tamed
thus transformed. What can then be the picture we see in our future? I have set up a group on
Facebook called “Shadow Workers” if you resonate with this wring please come join and share.
You may witness real magic as I have certainly experienced some deep, profound and vulnerable
sharing. Find it at :

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