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In Touch Tarot Reading

Lets dive deep inside of who you are. It is a dark place of uncertainty and the root of fear. I will go there and support a breakthrough. It's all up to you I will illuminate another perspective. This is my style, empowering you to find your strength and just go for it! Be you and shine without shame. Decode the journey with some tools of objectivity this is the true power Tarot can offer.

Thanks for coming by to check out this website. I put a lot of love and devotion into it this time. Seriously don’t ask me how many Tarot websites came before this one. I have never given up hope to read the most epic sessions one could hope for. I like to leave an impression shall we say. Helping people is my passion if they approach me and value what I have to offer. I know this time I will be flooded and along with that be given the ability to influence people at their deepest core. My plan is to upgrade the website as time goes on. First it will be me here  “Andrew Onto” then I will find other readers who wish to join me here. I know Tarot well and Tarot knows me. There are no gimmicks here I am the real deal, coming through with authenticity. I will keep nothing back from you, I will not give you anything that causes you to fear death or any tragedy. I am not here to fill your head or influence any way of thinking other than to reveal another perspective, lighting the way a little. I am most excited to see the glow that happens when you receive an  “In Touch” reading. I have seen so many people glow after giving them a reading that showed them another part of themselves previously hidden. Thanks for reading … 

I had a wonderful Tarot Card reading with Andrew. I must say, I felt a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. Where, I felt at ease, was knowing a bit about Andrew. I picked up very quickly, he is a very intelligent man with great insight. All I can say, its worth a booking, he brings a lot to the table and dispels and misjudgments one may have about Tarot Cards.

Louise Dawson

Louise Dawson

Melbourne, Australia