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About Me

My name is Andrew Onto and this is my website for now. I have built many Tarot websites before. I have been  reading Tarot since I was 13 they came in a dream. Now 48 I am being divinely guided to create  this website and help people see the power that Tarot can have in their lives in a positive way. I am a believer in magic and always have. Not the card trick rabbit out of a hat type, more so the ability to access abilities that cross boundaries of the familiar. The magic I am referring to has to do with movies like the X Men super natural abilities. The ultimate magical plan I have  is to expose the power of what abundance truly comprises of. I believe this word is severely misappropriated. My style of reading and flavour is very much infused with the true meaning of abundance and its potential. Keys to this include


  1. Shadow Work – It is vital for humankind to look inside themselves and deal with their shadow. Maybe this is the case for other intelligent species as well. If a being denies its own internal shadow this translates in the world outside of them. I am part of the action step to inspire people to take shadow work out of the shadows and into the light.  Once the shadow transforms it becomes light, it always was. There can be be a drastic increase in confidence when the shadow is replaced with light and presence. 
  2. Relationships and LOVE – Love is real yet the idea of love is brazen in the minds of humanity. Nobody really knows what LOVE is. This is because there has not been enough shadow work done. The best way to gain a deeper more pure understanding of LOVE is to experience what it is not.  Always what is left behind after everything has gone always will be LOVE. 
  3. Money Cult – I am not saying money is good, nor is it bad. I am saying that abundance has nothing to do with money whatsoever. Money has not been around that long, yet it rules the minds of men. There exists more sustainable versions of wealth and prosperity which are in alignment with the truth of what abundance really is. We can love money of course without judgement and use it while this is necessary but it is wise to be detached from it.  I have looked at cryptocurrency and continue to look at it in depth which is why I also handle crypto currency payments on the website also.  I am working towards a model beyond both cryptocurrency and money that will take this whole planet out of scarcity permanently. 
Using the tool of Tarot with my particular style I aim to guide my seekers into these areas of themselves, this is my purpose for creating this website. All human beings seek to find LOVE. This is the most luscious energy we can find in our existence. Love is majestic to say the least. We all have the ability to find this, every single human being. 

Experienced Tarot Reader

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Andrew Onto

Why Me

I have a lot of experience using Tarot and can apply it to many different situations depending on what to seeker wishes to empower themselves with.

Unique style

My style of reading cards has been developed over three decades. During a session with me you will appreciate the art of what reading Tarot is all about.

Word Power

You have probably heard about the power of affirmations. The jury isn't necessarily in on this working. This has to do with intention, the root causality. If one does the inner journey as I have, my power applied to word is exponential

Find Faith

Through the journey of tarot and the Archetypes you will find a sense of faith. Faith in your self and faith in others too

Professional Attitude

For me Tarot is no gimmick. I take a reading very seriously. My seeker has placed themselves in a vulnerable position of trust and I will not let them down

Life Experience

Empathy is my strongpoint. i have been through the school of hard knocks and have many tools to assist my seekers out of their 'black holes"

Flexable Schedule

I will do my utmost to enable your appointment at a time that suits best for you. I can always be messaged or emailed to make that moment count


Once you have taken the plunge, who knows what lies on the other side. I have seen a glow start to appear as my seekers begin to experience the magic of Tarot


This is a moment of epiphany and rememberance of who you are and what you are able to do that gives you and others sustainable joy




Andrew is an amazing tarot reader definitely in a league of his own with an innate ability to really delve into the root causes & shadow aspects of ourselves creating the blocks we manifest in life. Really took me to some hidden stories playing out within myself allowing for a deep healing & release. A truly valuable gem for anyone on the path of truth & enlightenment.

Sally Fitzgerald

Sally Fitzgerald

Cairns, Australia

Andrews reading for me was very intense. He is totally flowing in the river of words that pour out confidently and with extreme focus. They get you to the other shore very quickly and skillfully.

Dr Faye Stone

Dr Faye Stone

Melbourne, Australia

Andrew is not just a tarot reader but a channel of universal intelligence. He has a gift to step out of his own way and allow a flow of truths to come through. He is my existential crisis go to!! I have been assisted through some dark times of powerful transformation with this dear brother and have deep gratitude for his work


Kelly MaSon

Kelly MaSon

Melbourne, Australia

I found Andrew to be amazingly insightful in his analysis of my situation and analysis of my inner psyche.He was astute as far as getting all my subconscious into play and gave an shockingly accurate reading.I couldn’t recommend Andrew highly enough! 

Pete Warren Smith

Pete Warren Smith

Melbourne, Australia