Hi my name is Andrew. I am male 48 years old been reading tarot all my life since the beginning of my teenage years. I am by nature a black sheep. I specialize in being able to help other black sheep as I know exactly what their plight is. A black sheep is the odd one out, the one who doesn’t fit in and sometimes difficult to manage. I have lived the life of hard knocks. I know what it means to suffer from life.


I did not fit into the education system, then I joined the Army at age 17 for 5 years. Once I got out I entered hospitality, a people and service related profession. Whilst in the Army I still meditated and had many mystical experiences. This included UFO sightings and attending an exorcism at a church to name just some. In hospitality I used my psychic powers more, I always tune in to people and their situations it is easy and effortless. If I communicate to people they may experience discomfort as I do expose personal lies. We all carry them.

The path of suffering can be perceived as negative but this is far from the truth. Denying suffering is negative. When we have tools then we can create real time transformation. I am passionate about tools that access trauma so that we can be free from them. Usually there are addictions associated with trauma. If we are able to release trauma then addictions no longer become an issue, they just fall away.

Music is another really big passion of mine. I play drums and I am obsessed with them. Drums are my main instrument. Rhythm is to me another form of language. When I read tarot sometimes I might read with a rhythm. This allows what I say to have a hypnotic effect and sink into your unconscious mind in a way that resonates best for you. Beyond my ability as a tarot reader I am using the power of drums and percussion as a healing transformational tool.

I am a vegetarian by choice, however I judge nobody by their food preferences. I am into gardening, meditation, yoga, dancing etc. I have to dance, this is how I free myself from old energies and cleanse my energy body. Fasting is really amazing too and I do that when and where possible. All these things allow me to find hidden gems in the unconscious whether collective or personal.